Saturday, April 14, 2018

Podcasts,4years!400*,Multipliers,FUCK YOU!

1) Happy  விளம்பி புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் (The Tamil new year is Vilambi) Lalitha in her elements to arrange for morning worship. This year low key affair. 

2) I quickly checked the walking time/month! Average 75 Hrs over last 15 months!! That is 21/2 hrs a day. Not bad. I should push to 90 or so !! I guess possible in II Half when heat is less to sap you.

I started listening to podcasts in 2006 when I procured my 80 Gb Ipod and synced the podcast to ITUNES. Podcasting has come a long way over the last 12 years. ( I must have listened to good 25,000 episodes at 10 a day!) It was heartening to read that Podcast is now on road show with sold out performance. Amazing way to go!!  Continuing on podcasts, I stumbled up on "Coaching for leaders" by Dave Stachowiak. Also I look forward to commencement of Death in Ice valley BBC podcast of 47 year murder mystery! 

Child born after 4 years of death of parents, in CHINA!! Amazing story!! I wonder how far science/technology would go? 

This week also marks 14 years of  400 for Brain Lara, the only man to recover a World record in Cricket!! I savour the 375 in Antigua than 400!!! 
Lara 375 Antigua 

I am reading "MULTIPLIERS" an awesome book by Liz Wiseman, She describes characteristics of leaders who multiply abilities in their team vs Diminishers! Awesome book more so I could relate to 90% of my leaders over 27 years of my corporate life who were all multipliers. I owe my success to them.

I leave you with a secret, why Lalitha and I never went to movies not one in 28 years, this is how I would have told her to be with me in movie theatre!! heheheheh

On a sombre note, my heart goes out to the 8 year old girl and 16 yr teen! Where is this country heading? Shame on any one defends this in the name of party, religion! "FUCK YOU"

Take care, god bless, take it easy.


Monday, April 09, 2018

Fahimida Mirza, Battery Died!!

1) Today (9th April) is Dad's 9th month ritual. Time flies I tell you! வருஷாப்திகம் at Karaikudi from 4-7th August.
 2) Children surprised me yesterday with a new Kindle Gift. I was reading books though phone (Google Play books app) as Iphone is out of sync with 8 year old device. Looking forward to happy reading, ofcourse I was more than comfortable with phone and finished good 20 books or so.

Awesome video of how Pakistan women speaker of National Assembly, Fahmida Mirza roasting a guy and ejecting out a MP!! Not like our stupid ones "what is this & Beit Jaayeeyae" I keep saying based on first hand experience, things are better than they appear in Pakistan!! hahahha!!!
Hhahahah !Smart phones have ruined lives, some way to get out of it I guess!! Also interesting WSJ thoughts on how to get over smart phone addiction and live like human being before 90s!! 
I will leave with some MODI Memes!! ehheh!!!

Take it easy,take care, stay safe, God bless!


Sunday, April 08, 2018

Modi App Beware, Right wing goons, People same wherever u go! Abu Rassa (hahahah)

1) Kolai Panrangaapa ( Part II) ( (கொலை பண்ராங்கப்பா-2018) hhahhah!!! Do you know? Radhu is the only person,I fear!Rest  போங்கடா, போங்கடி வெண்ணை ! hehehehheheh!!! Part I is here!! hehehe
2) After 12 years, able to find some decent TAMIL Podcast to listen! May be even a good Indian one to say! Shows lack of class, depth in Indian Podcast scene!! 

Here is a class video on Why MODI APP is dangerous and untrustworthy as him! Not that I care for any app with Political connection. Every since Trump got elected, I was always feeling SM has its crooks had worked on fake news, data privacy breach, and Cambridge Analytica stench makes you move miles away from political parties!! 

The Indian right wing is far worse than Commies off late full misinformation, lies. Their propaganda to false fake information has reached pinnacle. Sad part is Jaalras of Modi,even in IIMs,Dr Swamy (friends who attended his speech at Mangalore in 2013,now calls him Senile,as are many people in my personal circle, off late feel he is beyond tolerance; few others,Gurumurthy another one, not that I had +ve opinion on him at any time, because of his stupid anti MNC stance- he doesn't know anything worth trusting Indian,is only INDIAN WIFE, rest all fucking stupid and untrustworthy- A life derailed) They have always been hurling abuse at JNU as Commee, Naxal Hotbed and produces nothing worthwhile. Here u see, this is rating of Indian universities,in Tughlaq MODI  government so truth cant be hidden, things cant be bad as this thugs portray!! hahahahhah!

This will please Lalitha, She from Trichy. I loathe that city, only Mosquitos and Sewage!! hahahah! (கொன்டேபுடவா_)

I came across this interesting FACEBOOK Post, I reproduce below! Look at PS, This is exactly, Jack Reacher uses in Midnight lane to catch bus!! hahah! People are the same wherever you go.
Yesterday I also met Gregory Cutinoh on the way back from Lonavala. He was driving a brand new Innova Crysta. He brought us into the city in under 1 hour.Gregory works for a leading car hiring company in India. Can't reveal the name, but suffice to say it is a premium hiring service and top bosses travel in these cars.
He was returning empty after making a drop in Pune and decided to pick up some free-radicals from Lonavala.
At Lonavala, there wasn't a bus available to travel back to Bombay in the evening. Most buses give the station a skip it seems.Gregory is from Goa. He had a bad drinking habit that he has quit.
We got talking. He was cursing the corrupt system and was saying that if corruption stops in police, which he says is responsible for all corruption, then the country can improve.
Therefore I explained to him about how our political system is the real fountainhead of corruption and how the election system is the main contributor. I gave him a short tour of how our electoral system works and also educated him to know that MLA's and MP's can't really do any work for his constituency. I also asked him to spread this knowledge.
So he said, but who will listen to me? I told him, don't bother, just do your bit, spread the knowledge and if people are able to connect with the truth then it will be good for the country.Then I told him how I speak with every person I see chewing tobacco and how I tell them about the horrors of cancer. He was able to connect to this as one his friend who was very well built was consumed by chewing tobacco, reduced to a skeleton and died in young age.
He said, fortunately he never got into that habit and he quit drinking on 15th August some years back as his mother passed away on 15th August which was both his mothers and his birthday!
He made a 1000/- rupee instead of coming back empty and provided us with a comfortable ride where none was available.
Did he commit a crime by doing so? If Government comes to know about such trips, it will want a cut from them. Would that be a right thing to do?
What would Gregory do with the 1000/- that he made extra?
He is not going to buy some shares of a company with that money (although he might) but he is going to spend that money in the economy and give a boost of 1000/- to the GDP.
That is why we need money with savers and spenders at the bottom of the pyramid. The people at top are already enjoying a good life.
PS: The local agent who brought 5 riders together also made 500 and must have paid 100 to the guy who was roaming the bus stand asking people to hop into the waiting car. So everyone made something and it was a win-win for everyone.
"In "The Midnight Line," Reacher has hopped a bus, finds himself in Wisconsin — "the sad side of a small town" — goes into a pawn shop and purchases a small woman’s ring that intrigues him. It has her initials on it and an inscription implies she was a West Point cadet, as was he, many years prior.
Who is she? Why did she pawn the ring? Might she be in trouble? Alarm bells go off in his head, and so, Reacher’s latest great adventure has begun. The trail leads to South Dakota and deep into the Wyoming woods.
I have posted earlier blog posts in 2017 about how MBS is going great guns in Saudi Arabia on reforms. 18th April "Black Panther is getting released in Saudi Arabia. MBS has plans to spend 60 Bn$ over 10 years for entertainment including a Bn$ Opera House in Riyadh! Saudi are changing and changing fast. He reminds me a lot like Sanjay Gandhi-(பிஜேபி கேன பயலுவ, சமாதி கட்டி இருப்பான் ஹஹஹஹஹஹஹ்) My way or highway! Interesting article on New Yorker (A long one) this week. 

I leave you with articles which shows India stagnant, and nothing happening! Expected so!!!

Indian companies have scrapped projects worth $117 billion in just one year

Modi vs MMS government data,  comparision video:-
Chappal Shot to MODI effigy--->No Surprise, they burnt his effigy in TN recently!! hahahahhahahhah!!!! சாவுடா டேய் 

Ok, enough of Dumb Shit MODI!! Here u go latest "WIFE Say & means" translator!! hahahah! How nice it would be!! hehehhehehehhe!!!

Take it easy, take care, stay Safe. God bless 
8/4/18 0900 Hrs. 

Friday, April 06, 2018

Alagappa Chettiar!! WHAT A MAN !!!!!

Today, 6th April 2018, marks the 109th Birth Anniversary of Dr Algappa Chettiar. Incidentally, yesterday, 5th April was his 61st Death Anniversary. For a man who just lived 48 years, his contribution to Indian Education, Political contribution, Science & Technology, Physical Education is immense.

Having done my schooling of 7 years in the Alagappa institution, (Also joined Alagappa Arts College for a month before moving to Engineering in 1980) I must say I was immensely lucky to reap benefits of his benevolence. Schools, Colleges were just minutes away by walk and so it was cultural shock to find when I landed in Gujarat to find kids go miles for schools.

His immense contribution to Science was the creation of CECRI by giving away 300 acres of land and 30 lacs Rupees to Pandit Nehru and Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar. Dad worked from 1962-2004.( Scientist + Scientist Emeratus as Head of Corrosion Division) 

I am deeply thankful to him and Chettiar community as a whole for their contribution which I enjoyed for all my schooling and college at practically free, which is beyond my repayment. That is why I never criticise P Chidambaram, a chettiar and grand son of Annamalai Chettiar the Doyen. I consider, he is one politician licensed to loot the country, where as all other "PUTA MADRE" politicians, all fuckers, have plundered the nation without giving away a cent before! For me PC and Kaarti are rightfully collecting back what their generous ancestors gave away in crores with interest! (Like Kannadasan wrote) ,இரவல் தந்தவன் கேட்கின்றான் ; அதை
இல்லை என்றால் அவன் விடுவானா!!! hahahahh!!!
Take it easy, take care, god bless
6th April 2018.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Sterlite-My take, Ivy League, Future of cricket, கொலையும் செய்வா பொம்பளை

1) Rains are back in #Bangalore this week! Awesome Cool I tell you!!! 
2) I am glad the toll proposed on way to Bangalore Airport is still not in place. It will be a mess with cars piling up and people could miss the flight! I suggest the toll is added up to air ticket fare and paid back to BBMP! Common sense is not so common here!! What to do??

I am just astonished at the protest that have erupted over #Sterlite Issue and fuss that is created by Tamils in not highlighting the issue! I stumbled on some live TV show( Mom and Lalitha watch stupid Tamil channels once in a while) which the protesters were talking over the hat!! Also personally I had been to Sterlite, Tuticorin facility in 2016 June, to assess their performance for an independent assessment! Their performance is no worse or no better than any Indian mindset company (Agarwal, Sterlite may be UK Registered, but you can't take out the Indian thinking of cheap stuff our of Indian)! But to give credit to them, they do whatever they know right and wilful violations were next to nothing! I am glad some one has written a nice write up which came in Face book this morning, substantiating my view of all those who protest against the facility! My hunch is Sterlite being UK registered company,can not afford to bribe corrput politicians, pollution control board, NGO ( The last two are மலை முழுங்கி மஹாதேவன்ஸ்)! They can satisfy the need- but not the greed. Also you want growth, you want to take pains,as simple as that! I agree Industries too mess up and exploit community as is case in 95% Indian entities, (Including many MNCs as they say to me, If we want to come and follow European and US business norms, why the fuck we come here in the first place??) 

I'm Vishal Manikandan, son of Mr. B. Manikandan, who's working in IDT, Sterlite Copper since 1998. I'm a pursuing Chemical Engineer, specializing in Refining and Petrochemicals, from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun, India.
The protest has to mean something. But, what you all are doing is a blind action stimulated by an unclear motive. Let me jot down all the points laid down by you.
SOx Emissions: This is so damn well within the permissible limits. Earlier, ore benefaction processes, for sulphide ores it's Froth Flotation process, was not so advanced which led to high sulphide content in the pyrites. To tackle this, Sterlite had installed two sulphuric acid plants to deal with huge volumes of SO2. But, right now, the SO2 generation is very less, comparative to the start. So when the plant is expanded, both SAPs can be utilized maximum to convert SO2 to sulphuric acid. The conversion in the DCDA process is 99% and the rest 1% is removed through a process called scrubbing and thus the final emission level drops to PPM and sometimes even PPB. And you say this to be large emissions of SO2? And one thing to be noted is that, SO2 is not carcinogenic. Which means it doesn't cause cancer. So, the popular hype that revolves around, "Copper for you and Cancer for us?", is subtly false.
Arsenic and Heavy Metals: Every ore, be it be iron, copper, aluminum, has heavy metals in it. These heavy metals are removed by quenching the suspension and also by venturi flushing. At Sterlite, arsenic and heavy metals are removed in GCP and the water is treated in ETP to precipitate arsenic as cakes. These cakes are disposed in the government mandated methods of SLF as it is the best way to get rid of these wastes. Sterlite is doing the same! And that bothers you?
Waste Water Discharge: I laughed like hell when I saw videos with hastag "Ban Sterlite". Sterlite disposes wastewater into the agricultural lands? Come on! If you know, Sterlite has ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) which means no water leaves the plant. It's reused within. You guys, without knowing it, create videos faltering an actual fact!
Environment Sensitive Zoning: Yes, Sterlite is within the environment sensitive zone of Gulf of Mannar. But, every industry which has to be located irrevocably in this region are mandated some rules and guidelines. You can check this with PCB and NEERI. Sterlite Copper has adopted those guidelines and that's the reason why Supreme Court rejected the plea to ban this industry. You guys just don't know this!
If you're so concerned about all these facts, of how did I know this, I was an Inplant Trainee and Project Intern at Sterlite Copper. I had worked in these plants and that's the reason I'm confident with the facts. I can point out many other factors and much more. But it will prove to be unethical.
Look before you leap! Understand what really happens and know what you're doing. You think people working there will want others to suffer? Don't you have that simple thought?
My father is working there for twenty years. And I worked there. How come we didn't suffer anything? Just don't be blind to false accusations. Money can do anything. It can buy you, too. Wake up and don't let the lies consume you.
Edit: Since everyone was asking about the fine which was imposed, I'm doing this edit. The company was fined because the calibration of the emission monitors were slightly out of change. The company justified this properly with apt explanations.
Issued in support to the World's Most Admired Copper Producer.

As Ivy league admissions to universities come to close for the academics of 2018-19, I wonder the Indian system that gave few bright students with all round performance of Academics, Independent thinking, extra curricular activities, innovation etc is unable to overcome the international competition, perception of Indian education hitting a rut thus not able to crack the Code! I wonder such article seeds the perception that Indian universities have hit dirt! Wonder??? 

It was interesting to watch the discussion during lunch on 4th day on future of test Cricket!! New thoughts, concepts!! But I wonder the toothless ICC would take note and do anything!! I like concept of No field restrictions, bowler over restricting in 1 day and tests to be made more entertaining. I am also for 4 day cricket with 100 overs each with day/ night sprinkled in. What was also interesting was 2 South African, 1 West Indian, 1 Australian, 1 English all routed for West Indians as all time favourite cricketer!! Mark Nicholos-Sobers, Warne -Viv Richards, Shaun Pollock-Malcom Marshall, Michael Holding- Lawrence Rowe(My all time favourite too) Greame Smith- Brian Lara!! So much the WI of 80s, 90s influenced game. Did they ever sledge? Behave badly?? Never!! Give a view!
கொலையும் செய்வா பொம்பளை !! Haahahha! Don't believe me! (Women can do a murder if required) watch this! My guess that this is in Turkish area in Germany!! hahah!!

I leave you with some funny images and videos that deluge me !! ahhah Enjoy!

Husbands I tell you!! Ask Sports?? Then see???? 
If Inda allows Guns as much as USA then Indian women would be like this??? hahahahahh!!!

hhahahahh! Guys give royally to MODI!! heheheheh!!!! 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Haider-Al-Abadi, Hitler's Rascals (HR), MLK, Meltdowns!! Amit Shah கேனப்பய

1) It was a surprise last evening, as I completed my 9 months assignment of "Special Support" at #CLARIANT, Hyderabad and packing my bags for airport, folks called me in to the conference room. There was a quick thank you session followed by handing over of a Memento. Thank you folks, enjoyed my assignment which was also a kind of home coming!!(We spun off from Sandoz entity in 1995 to form Clariant!) 

2) ahhahh! On the flight back, guy next to me was reading Saurav Ganguly's new book. But what Intrigued me was comment from Amitabh Bachaan on back cover page!! What the Fuck he knows about Cricket to give opinion!! Have you ever seen a non field person giving comments in western authors?! India is all about hype !! I tell you!! One more tick for my theory! Only Indian thing that is note worthy is Indian WIFE, rest all fucked up and better left untouched!! hahahahhah!!

3) Mom is well on the way to recovery! Her test results are shocking example of how lack of good sleep can lead to tremendous Heart problem!! Human body is mystery I tell you what!! Also goes to show big cities, the medical care is just top notch that can deliver you back safe and sound!!!

The world news is full of negative, disappointing, disengaging aspect which reflects the state of nations, people. So it was refreshing to read a +ve article in Economist this week after ages! Iraq is well on way back to get things normal. As Article indicates, while normal state returns after 24 months in most conflict zones, Iraq is getting back to normal in 3 yes Three months. Again it is all down to leadership! Haider-al-Ababi is doing his best! Good luck! (He has Ph.D in Elec Engg!) 

I have written so much in my professional blog as how HR has deteriorated over time and as Mark Horstman of Manger tools says people hate BAD HR! If anything gone waste,worse than Iraq, Syria, Somalia over the past decade, it is Hitler's Rascals (HR) as I call them! This article in WSJ confirms my perception. Personally, I have not come across a single good HR guy in the last 10 years anywhere!! Thankfully I am out of this Corporate rut!! As I was telling few overseas folks this week, I wouldn't have lasted a week in this rotten, limp, timid work culture that I see across!! Horror!!!

This week (4th April) marks the 50th Martyrdom of Martin Luther King! While I don't remember his death (I was 4 years old) I recollect conversations at home, about him as well as Robert Kennedy Speech soon after he was killed! (RFK assassination, I vividly remember few months, later) I wonder whether the black community has learned anything from his life as well as from Mandela in South Africa. Yes, I agree, we have forgotten Gandhi! 

I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, "We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal." I have a dream...
Martin Luther King Jr. (1963)
I am half way through a great book "Meltdown"! An amazing book every professional must read! Why failures happen? What we can do about it!! It covers Complexity tightly connected vs System failure! A must read!

Haahahhah! I leave you With Stupid Amit Shaa's brain freeze twice!! heheheh!!! Didnt I tell you, none in BJP have any clay between ears or legs!!1) Yeddy most corrupt Govt.

2) MODI ANTI POOR Kannada translator!! ahhahahh!! சாவுங்கடா மொள்ளமாரிகாள !!
Take it easy, take care, god bless

Monday, March 26, 2018

Trump on fire, Prisoner;U KIdding.. Bharat Ek Khoj, Zotani Oscar (Bancroft!!)


1) Mummy Returns:- Mom was admitted to ICU with Congestive heart failure. After Critical cardiac care (CCU) and hospitalisation for 8 days, she back home last week (I was away on business travel when she back home). Lalitha was alert to the symptoms and rushed her to hospital. The help and guidance from her schoolmate who is also a Doctor and resides in our block was just amazing and made all the difference. 

2) My 9 months assignment at Hyderabad is coming to an end this week. I look to spend some quality time at home. With the heat that is around, good to have the break, I guess!!
Trump on fire!! Tillerson, McMaster all gone!! boy!! He is all action I guess but not surprising! If you nod your head you stay!! He still in "CEO" Mode! I hope he doesn't dare to fire "Muller" hahahh!! I expected John Bolton to be Secretary of state back in Nov 2016! Looks it happened 16 months later!! 

Just watch this video!! U will be stunned!! ahhaahh!! Prisoner in Norway!!! 

30 Years ago, Bharat EK Khoj got released! Jawahar Lal Nehru's Disovery of India that is kind of ready reckoner of Indian History! Can't beleive 30 years has flown in a flash I recollect watching practically episode in the guest house at Bharuch!!! I have decided to watch all episodes afresh. I have asked my kids to do it to get perspective of India. Thank God, If Modi bastards and BJP goons do Indian history now, they would have included and 200 years down the line people would read, "We Indians, ate our own Excreta as Shiva and Ram said so!! hahahhahh!!!! (தேவிடியா பசங்க)!!! Boy How much I loathe this BJP bastards!!! (For them MBA= Maida, Besan, Attaa hahahahh) 

Bharat Ek Khoj—The Discovery of India A Production of Doordarshan, the Government of India’s Public Service Broadcaster,To enhance your video entertainment experience, subtitles are provided in English. Bharat Ek Khoj is a 53 episode television series that dramatically unfolds the 5000 year history of India from its beginnings to the coming of Indian Independence in I947. It is a series of explorations into the different periods of Indian history - political, social and cultural. It traces the crucial and significant landmarks in the evolution of the great Indian Civilization; a unique combination of multi-cultural, mu|ti—religious and multi- ethnic communities constituting a pluralistic society unparalleled in the entire world. The episodes sometimes use the technique of a documentary, at other times drama, in their narratives. Bharat Ek Khoj is based on Jawaharlal Nehrus celebrated book, The Discovery of India. The episodes are anchored by the actor Roshan Seth who plays the role of Jawaharlal Nehru. It was produced and directed by Shyam Benegal and telecast every Sunday on Doordarshan in 53 episodes that ran for a whole year. It is an excellent synthesis of Indian history, culture, myths, mythology, epics, drama, music and film technology. Even after twenty years, we can proudly say that a whole generation was moved by this informative serial which has not only enhanced the historical perspective, but also inspired viewers to have a deeper understanding of our glorious past. Nehru came to India via the West, and looked at her, as a friendly Westerner might have done. But did he know India?- During the election campaign of I936-37, he travelled most extensively throughout India: in towns, cities and villages alike. He was on a great voyage of discovery and the land of India and its people lay spread out before him. India with all her infinite charm and variety began to grow upon him more and more. She was like some ancient palimpsest on which layer upon layer of thought and reverie had been inscribed, and yet no succeeding layer had completely hidden or erased what had been written previously. At the Ahmednagar Fort prison, Nehru sat down in five solitary jail-months of 1944 to record his own voyage of the discovery of India. Doordarshan Archives takes pride in offering this serial to its esteemed viewers in its endeavour to fulfill its commitment towards public service.

Enough has been written about Capetown shame! I am sure Cricket Australia would take stern action unlike Asian Goons. ( If Smith had been an Indian or Pakistani, no actions for sure and on contrary stupid Indians,Pakistanis, Srilankans would protect him because he is SC/ST, Punjabi vs Madarasi, Cheenu Mamaa vs Pawar or Pashtun vs Sunni hahahha) Boy!!! As Cricket is one trick pony to play unlike Australia/NZ /UK which sporting nation with multiple facets. It is stupid of Aussies to have thought that they would get away in this modern age of technology and camera! Meet the cameraman who exposed them Mr Zotani Oscar, the cameraman in suit!!

Over next days/weeks, I plan to complete Ken Follet books. I am halfway in to Code to Zero A class book. Follet master story teller too!!

Ok Take it easy, take care, GOD BLESS Karthik
26/3/18 1300 Hrs.

Podcasts,4years!400*,Multipliers,FUCK YOU!

#315 Housekeeping:- 1) Happy   விளம்பி புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் (The Tamil new year is Vilambi) Lalitha in her elements to arrange f...