Sunday, January 14, 2018

The POST !!!


Lalitha,Radhu, Shravan and I are back from watching "The POST"! An awesome movie!! My annual quota of movie for the year 2018 is done a fortnight in to the year. I think it is worth the 115 Minutes. As usual my son and daughter took us out. ( I don't know which one paid!! hahah! Who cares? Not from my wallet! I cant spend for Movie and Jeans,no way!) 

Combined, award-winning actors Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks have appeared in more than 100 films. But "The Post" marks the first time they are on screen together. In the movie, Streep plays Katharine Graham, the publisher of the Washington Post, and Hanks portrays legendary editor Ben Bradlee. The plot centres on the paper's famous and difficult decision to publish top secret government information from the Pentagon Papers in 1971. Streep and Hanks join "CBS This Morning" to discuss how the film resonates today.

The US Supreme Court gave the verdict 6-3 in NYT/Post favour!! The role played by Ben Bagdikian is no less!
Katharine Graham, publisher of The Washington Post, and Bradlee 

Of course, John Williams music score makes it icing on cake as usual!!
I expect Dunkirk, The Post to sweep some academy award nominations.

Also, pertinent is the chaotic state of free press across world as well as quality, integrity of press themselves that has fallen over the years.Fake news triumphs and Government of today are peice of shit making folks like Nixon, Mrs Gandhi angels, when now goons and thugs,govern the world.


Fire and Fury! What nation needs, Liam Neeson, Indian Shit.

Housekeeping:- 1) I am back to my rural Hyderabad business travel, I have vastly cut down the days! Even 3 days, I feel now,I am back from Mars! (It is madness; I tell you! I cant even comprehend how the heck I did all the global travel for 2  decades) Ever since 9/11,travel has become nightmare, globally! Even Hotels,facilities while have sprang up like mushroom,the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

2) It was awesome to see my Nephew at Hyderabad taking to cricket seriously. He has joined academy run by VVS Laxman. Wishing him the very best. Kids are so determined in pursuing what they see best!! 

I finished reading "Fire and Fury" by Michael Wolf, an amazing insight in to the mess at Trump's White house. I am sure some of it could have been made up by author, but not all. Knowing Trump, I am not surprised that the way things are going out of orbit. But seeing from his perspective, Trump is one faced personality who speaks his mind without caring for any repercussions unlike fucker Modi or for that matter the master of gimmick the late MGR. All said and done,Trump is delivering on his electoral promises on tax reforms, blocking undesired migrants from Asia, Africa!made mends with people who can sink him like Mitch McConnell,Paul Ryan.(or they kissed and made up, whatever) So I see one term presidency like Jimmy Carter,George H easily.
hahhahahhah! No surprise, this is reason I see no Female POTUS next 30 years, not in my life time!! hehehehh!!

This was an awesome video that came last night! This is what the nation needs! Yes, as usual with Stupid Indians, we know a lot, but we do a very few! We must be one top nation on knowing-doing gap!

The more, I see the Harvey Weinstein scandal @Hollywood and other places, and all the hoopla going around, more I agree with Liam Neeson! Every rich and powerful man is now targeted by stupid women in the name of feminism,(Dumb Oprah,leads the pack! I havent bothered watching it!! )who want their minute of fame in the name of sexual harassment! How the hell a man can invade in to woman's private domain without her consent !! just doesn't make sense to me! Women like having the cake and eat it too! Want to be rich and famous and indulge in every thing including spreading legs with consent and then cry baby to get fame / get pound of flesh!! போங்கடி வெண்ணை! கூழ்கும் ஆசை, மீசைக்கும் ஆசை! 

Economist has very well covered the Missing middle class in India in their cover story this week. The middle class in India is a myth! I totally agree, the rich and poor "GINI" Coefficient has hit the roof from Indian standpoint.I expect worst in coming days! This is precise reason, the Hindu fundamentalism should not be allowed to raise its ugly head and hijack people's thought!This happened in Pakistan during Gen ZIA regime and Pakistan is now paying its price 40 years later! 

I leave with this funny video, that Lalitha shared!! ahhahahhahh!!
Take it easy, take care, god bless

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Asshole Survival Guide, Richard Cousins, We the corrupt!! GurbaniSundaram!

1) After 30 years,I have taken a key focus area to achieve goals and targets!! 1988, I read "THINK and Grow Rich" and worked plan for life which fell like a slot machine Jackpot (work growth,marriage, kids,own home etc etc all like magic with exact time slot visioned). 2018, is all about very stretch target. I have even reduced my consultancy days for this by 40%. Let's see how it shapes up, as the goal involves influencing, coaching, persuasion and if required taking the stick to achieve results, ahhahahhahahahahahahhaahhahahhahahaah!!

2) It was an awesome experience to attend an Islamic Wedding/reception. (Anand's colleague @Oman, family event) In a larger sense, it appeared opposite way of Hindu marriage. (Day vs Night, Boy spending money vs Girl) etc etc. Different perspective to get to know things!Yes,we skipped dinner as we didn't want to trouble them to work a vegetarian food for us, of course they persuaded us to stay back to have few vegetarian items and then leave. (I had few Sweets, Lalitha not even that + we had other commitments late in the evening to rush, too!) ..... 
Mhd Abubakhar and family!! 
Bob Sutton has come out with another awesome book, "ASSHOLE SURVIVAL GUIDE" He covered Jerks, No Asshole rule in previous books. The latest one, is in my reading list. The host of this show, "" does a tremendous job to keep the excitement in the show to a very high level. Very good job by by Michael Sandler. I listened to couple of other shows, it is just fabulous. Michael's life just fabulous and an inspiration being moment away from death!! Take a look. 
It was very sad to read about Sydney sea plane crash this morning in which Richard Cousins, the retiring CEO of Compass died along with his would be wife and his sons aged 25,23. Cousins was voted as the 11th best performing CEO by HBR this year. He had announced his decision to quit corporate come April 2018 looking to live a happy married life (His first wife died of cancer 2015)! Life is strange! I have attended job interview with Compass few years back and I liked their work culture and relentless pursuit of excellence to turn things around! 
Look at #26, 27!!!!! hahaahhH!!!!! 

I keep saying, anything Indian, other than Indian Wife is "Unreliable" we are most corrupt nation in Asia, our Data is untrustworthy! As Bharati said" வாய் சொல்லில் வீரர் அடி" 

After ages, I followed Ranji Trophy Final on web. Second time,a bowler has taken hat-trick in the Ranji Final. I recollect 1973 effort of B Kalyanasundaram vs Bombay. It was a lost cause as TN lost the final. So yesterday, it was nice to see Rajneesh Gurbani's effort helping Vidharbha winning the title. Well done. Last year Gujarat, this year Vidharbha goes to show changing landscape of cricket, good for the game but greedy power hungry sharks of BCCI and other goons won't let such talent prosper....
1973 Final Madras!!! I recollect TN lost cause then!!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless
2/1/18 1830 Hrs. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Take it easy! The Magic of not giving a FUCK! Akash Ambani!


It is all lighter vain! Just fun! Fuck Modi, FUCK India, Fuck World, Fuck Politics!! ahhah! Have a great time!! I don't wish Happy new year shit and all! Never believed that crap! In fact tonight, I will hit bed early around 2230 hrs!! Another matter, stupid buggers would be disturb my sleep at 12 Midnight bursting crackers! ASS HOLES!! It is another normal day! Sun Rises in East, sets in west!! So what's the big deal???? I am sure 100 guys would kill themselves tonight, drinking themselves to death on road accidents! God bless their soul in advance. Also would be the usual molestations,New year MY ASS !! hmmmmmmm!!!!! 

Powerful message:- Spend time with dear/near!! Love your job but not the company! The company wont give two fuck to let you go!!! Especially bastards who entered in  last 15-20 years!!! 

Fun China men, women, boys, girls !!! ahhahahhh!!!!

I totally agree!! Just let go things!! Give a fuck if it takes your fucking time, money and energy!! 

The Magic of Not Giving a FUCK  Sarah Knight 

hahah! If there is something I loathe as much as BJP /MODI, It is his Al Capone gang of Ambani and Adani Goons!! So I was not surprised when the Jr Ambani made this comic sickeningly stupid speech!! Money alone can not bring class!The Ambanis are always classic example of lipstick to pig. 
I leave with the couple of political videos!! Politicians taking class and make mayhem thus turning students stupid....... 
Finally, The TAMIL ONE How BJP can never even get deposit in one seat in TN/Kerala!! hahahhahh!! ENJOY!  வெளு பிஜேபி !!!! 
Take care, stay safe, God Bless.....

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cyril Ramaphosa, Maz Jobrani!! Moica Lewinsky! Max Deutsch

1) Fridge message:- hahhah! Kids have put a word to Laltiha,Divorcing me at 25 yrs after Married life (2016 Jan) is easier than 30 yrs (2021) so decide soon!! I noticed now !! So much for my observation at home!! hehehehhe! விளங்கிடும் !!!

2) Niece from Bombay was here for a couple of days! She brought Theobroma pastries! One of my all time favourite, I make exceptions putting aside my medical advise.

Every country undergoes rut, decay, disaster, makes you wonder if it is heading for a failed state. South Africa was one such. Under Jacob Zuma, the most corrupt, stupid, megalomaniac, it has hit a nadir. With 763 cases against him, one can be sure he would be never brought to justice. In a sense, with his ex-wife set for possible election as president you can be sure he would have walked Scott free. Luckily, ANC delegates used common sense and have elected, Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC leader. Cyril is a man of outstanding repute,an awesome lawyer and person with great international stature. (Mandella preferred him to succeed, but politics is such!)  I hope he now speeds up his take to office soon rather than waiting until 2019. Here is Zuma struggling to count a number.  (Hahhahh Like MODI bugger calling Mrs as M R S !!) 

one more fuck up from Zuma (hahhah fake but bugger such)!!

Maz Jobrani, the Iranian American comedian, hits up on the American Stereotyping!! I agree!! Yes, middle east is very diverse, be it good or bad! Have a look! Awesome. 

Remember, Monica, Here is she out in 2015,  aged 41 then, overcoming Shame to speak about it ! Bullying etc!! I agree with her!! All this time, I was on her side!! To err is human and not to forget and move on is stupidity! Well done, Monica.

Self-described "obsessive learner" Max Deutsch challenged grandmaster Magnus Carlsen to a game of chess. What could possibly go wrong?  Yes, I came across this when I was watching "Moon Walking with Einstein" video! Guy is on learning curve, takes Magnus Carlsen in a game of chess! Awesome video from WSJ! 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless

28/12/17 1045am. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Corrupt Inc, Boxing Day! Automatic prescription lens! Chirstmas back at WH!

1) First Fog of the season is on today, delayed my walk by good 90 min to 8am. Windchill is also awesome good 4-5C below. 

2) Christmas without Plum Cake and Home Alone!! hahhah! No Chance!!! Last night 8pm, I switched TV for that, I was not disappointed. I think the 5th or 6th Xmas with Home Alone. Lalitha sits with me!!! 

I reproduce my Facebook post when a cartoon came in Whatsapp and I posted my thoughts.

Hahhahahhh! Awesome!! Corporates of Late all "PUTA MADRE" ehheheheh!! Bastordic ASSHOLES is right term to describe the rut that runs deep everywhere!! Thank god,I am out!! I would not have lasted a week in this strench/ rut/ leaderless /rudderless situation, I see, as well as I hear from fellow consultants !!
Also lacking is humility, collaboration, full of arrogance, huge ego, opinion on everything !! MAN!!! OH MAN!!!! Even PV Narashima Rao quote of "Decision of not taking a Decision is a decision" is absent! All timid, inept, incompetent, Incorrigible buggers all across!!! The willingness to learn is 0!!!
Personally, I see Pvt sector most corrupt, lack moral standards than government service especially in the last 20 yrs ever since the Y2K fuck up happened !!! The insecurity is phenomenal! Half the bastards would perform in bed only when asked by spouse; wont reach out or initiate even SEX !! hahahahahhahhah!
Good news the GEN X, millennial, born after 1990s will come and rip every incompetent fucker's ass and lot of ANAL Bleeding is bound to happen in coming years! So there is hope!!! I see a barrage similar to "SEXUAL Harassment deluge that you now see across American Inc" and change needs to happen.
Some instances you need to thank almighty that you were not born in that time window to be a timid ass holes !! Born in 1960s 70s is a huge boon to maintain our independent thinking, break rules, above all say FUCK YOU, "போடா தேவிடியா பயலே (My late grandfather's favourite term hahahhahaha) "to any one!! That a privilege! Thank GOD!!!!!
Boxing day, the day after Christmas used to be fun, relaxing, listening to Test Match from MCG! No Longer with game undergoing mess of change for worse. I guess it has been a good 10 years I had watched it on tv or listened to Audio. My First Boxing day test was 1975,Aus Vs West Indies. Gary Cosier debut and century!! Record Crowd of 85000+ which stood for 40 years!! But then!! I think the best Boxing day test was England win by 3 runs 1982! Thomson C Geoff Miller b Botham 21!! Alan Border Career revived and he never looked back! 

Great to see this video automatic prescription lens, I would assume no longer dilation etc. Wonder when this comes here?? 

I am glad "MERRY XMAS" back at White House! Happy Holidays!! hahahhah! FUCK IT MAN, that is politically correct one stupid buggers !!! 
Have a good day, Take it easy, take care, god bless
26/12/17 11am. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Catch me if you can! Mistress Dispeller, Fuck-sex-seduction, Origin.

1) Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends and well wishers across the planet. May God bless you and your family with love, happiness, peace. Above all stay Healthy. 

2) I was going through my old pictures,this was on my work desk for 12 years, 2000-2012, ( Internet came during 1999 to India) I still have all copies safely stored. The value system in those days were something to be cherished which is missing due to poor leadership, arrogance, ego across leaders at all levels as I see it. The drawing on extreme left top was Son's sketch 2000 when he was 5 years old. 

3) As a Die Hard Modi loather, BJP hater (I consider the party a bunch of Pigs) I cant express my joy at the drubbing the BLOW JOB PARTY (hahah) received at TN. I care a hoot about TN politics or for that matter politics as a whole but "BJP hitting shit" is a schadenfreude moment that can't be concealed. While may money might have flown more than water, the end justifies means. BJP must be decimated. I am glad the TN people have answered resoundingly, the back door penetration, BJP Bastards, Modi tried to influence across TN through the Governor etc. Mark this! BJP can never get foothold in South India. South Indians street smart,light years ahead of (the vernacular press circulation, 100 yrs old, 100 time more circulation) useless stupid cow belt dumb shit idiots. South folks know, giving one seat even to BJP means fraudulent activities like Arab and Camel story.

How many of you remember the Steven Spielberg class movie "Catch me if you can" staring Hanks, DiCaprio. It grossed 1 Billion and even now you can't switch channel when you see snippet. Here is the man himself, "Frank Abagnale" whose life was filmed. Awesome speech and questions answered at Google. He also touches on future of cyber security and feels in 2 years password will be outdated and TRUSONA would come in to fore! 

Over the past 2-3 years, I have been reading quite a bit on Mistress Dispel in China. This week again,the topic has come in to focus once again. There are 33 ways to dispel a mistress and 100,000 cases have been dispelled. Cost of chasing away mistress! 60,000$/case, that is nothing when woman loses thanks to tough, complicated Chinese diverse laws. heheheh!!! "A mistress is a tumour, so the first thing to do is to get rid of the tumour"

hahhah! people crib that I use "FUCK" a lot! It is more context, don't believe me,watch this video. Rajneesh is in his elements! I a firm believer in his school of thoughts,"Sex solves every problem" Sexual energy is the highest energy to posses & utilise.  

It was interesting to watch below 2 videos on Sexual performance, and art of seduction. Amazing lessons!! I agree, Woman play a key role in sexual errands. Without their active/passive consent, no man can initiate the sexual transgressions! I totally agree, Men cheat to stay in the marriage and women cheat to get out of the marriage! Also Women need 50+ traits /skills to attract seduce men, Men need just 1 skill?? What's that??? "MONEY-Vitamin M" as I call it! Maureen McGrath video a must watch for all. 
Seema Anand on Seduction!

Thanksgiving books release this year has been awesome. Every book I read has been class! 
1) Jack Reacher- Midnight Line, practical issues facing USA on Soldiers returning from Afghan. Reacher in team effort.
2) David Baldacci- End Game, Will Robie/ Jessica Reel saga on rescuing Blue Man; crime in Rural interior America.
3) Jeffry Archer- Short Stories with practical modern day issues.
4) The best amongst the release is "DAN BROWN" latest book, "ORIGIN" after ages, I felt like I read a good book merges fact and fiction. Technology, Artificial Intelligence well blended with usual Brown's Code and symbols for the chase. Also, as I had roamed the length and breadth of Barcelona, I could visualise places in my mind. 

I leave you with this funny video!! ahhah! Women cheat a lot !! Poor men!!
Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless
25/12/17 1015am. 

The POST !!!

#303 Lalitha,Radhu, Shravan and I are back from watching "The POST"! An awesome movie!! My annual quota of movie for the year...