Tuesday, May 23, 2017

RIP Sir Ffolkes!!!!


What a day it has been Double Tragedy!

The day began worse with the Manchester bombing got much worse with the death of Sir Roger Moore at age of 89 following his battle with Cancer.

While Roger Moore may be well known for his James Bond movies. My memory will always be etched as "Ffolkes" a strategy commando in "NORTH SEA HIJACK"!! A totally contrasting character effortlessly done. I watched the movie in Coimbatore, CENTRAL theatre I guess 1984!! I personally loves such character who conquer in the absence of sex, women which are a a distraction in mission. ( More so on Colin Forbes, Alistair MaClean mold) 

In contrast to those parts, he is shown here as a bearded, eccentric, arrogant cat-loving, misogynist showing heroic qualities as a master strategist. Moore once said in an interview that he preferred this film to all the James Bond movies he had starred in while acknowledging that he had been miscast in the lead role.

Rest in peace Sir.

23/5/17 2000 Hrs.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hassan Rouhani, Sit and die! Indian Economy shit hitting fan! Sonique-Any 1 Remembers??

1) This week 1983, I completed my Graduation!! Cant believe that so much time has passed, but that is life!! I am glad I did visit the campus during an audit in 2010, during my corporate life at #HONEYWELL, which is now part of campus!! 

Thiagrajar College of Engineering Madurai 

Honeywell Facility at TCE
2) Everything has become a source of greed! Usually in the followup visit to doctors for discussion of reports, up to 3-5 days usually is free as tests takes time! Malya Hospital, I was surprised that within 48 hrs, as I did yesterday to discuss Dad's scan/ test results I was charged Rs. 250 as consultation fee!! Everywhere Greed has set in! What to say! 

Looks like the Nationalism, stupid conservatives wave has been halted and trend of stupid Idiots calling shots for governance is over! Iran has sensibly reelected Hassan Rouhani for the II term of 4 years. What was heartening was the conservative morons pushed their effort for vote gathering, seeing this the alarmed liberals, common man, responded with vengeance and waited even 4-5 hours in queue (even overseas where ballot papers were flown in to meet rush)and few even missed their flights. The 56-38% is just sweeping margin that should Rouhani free space to work for economical development of Iran and go to negotiation table for a peaceful middle east. My take on Iran is it is any day better state to deal with than Saudis, yes it poses the greatest threat to the existence of Israel, so need to be watched.My belief is Israel is ready for Iran any time!! 

This is a very powerfule video, Sitting does more damage than smoking, drinking or eating donuts !! Many dont realise it! Try to do 15,000 steps a day! Would you! 

I was very sad to read last week that GM facility at Halol was closed, it was one of the best facilities I have seen during my HSE Audits. Now comes news that GM is pulling itself out of Indian operations and would operate its Indian facilities for export market!! Goes to show the grim reality of doing business in India! Personally I am not surprised, given India known for Jugaad and this joke! 
As a joke goes about:-
“CEO of Audi while justifying its high cost to sell the same to a Rich Indian,
CEO of Audi while justifying its high cost
We have 12 airbags, Safety controls, safety censors, safety parking assistance,
Rich Indian : You don’t worry about safety.
We have saint Sai Baba and Lord Ganpati bappa on the dashboard, Powerful Hanuman ji on rear view mirror,
Nimbu Mirch (Lemon,Chilli garland tied to cast of evil eye) on bumper And godess Maata ji ni Lal Chunri (Lucky charm cloth) around steering;
You reduce the price; as no safety feature needed!!! …!!”

Is it dead /end of the road for mp3!! looks like, AAC it seems is taking the ride of life in music format!! I still recollect 1998,(!) SONIQUE mp3 player and astonished to hear Songs Digital. Until then it was all record and CD player in Physical shape! I still miss it! 

OK Have a great weekend! God BlessKarthik.21/5/17 0930am 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

ISLAM HATES US!!! Flying Dutchman, FireIce, Raymond Harold Sawkins- Know him???

1) I am now back to walking during morning(6am) at Brigade space next to home! ( I find home terrace walk hurting legs a lot,wonder why??? ) this 40 acre space with plenty of open are for breeze to gash, water bodies to cool is delight! I do 70 minutes, trying to push to 90-100 in coming days!
2) Dad tests,scans done!! Man?? hahahah! I now know what it was to salvage Titanic??? hehehehehh!!! 

As I type, Airforce 1 is on its way to Saudi Arabia, the first port of call for Trump! The man who said Islam hates us!! Trump is sure to sign 100 Bn$ worth of deal that would play super in to jobs in USA agenda! It goes to show, (Hindu Stupid ass holes of Saffron scoundrel BJP, should note) When it comes to business & Governance, feeding stomach is the main thing!!--> மீன் வித்த காசு நாறாது ! Also personally having 100s of Muslim friends across the world, that I know, not one has more than one wife, preach hatred or has ever been caught in anti national activities!! Goes to show at common survival level, all people are same. My view is ISIS and its equivalent are a way of life, which is even beyond comprehension of ordinary Muslims! PERIOD! 

Interesting to read the Dutch king was indeed a FLYING DUTCHMAN!! (Frequent flyer name of KLM) It was bizzare that people never recognised him! except  perhaps his voice from aircraft cockpit!! 

Amazing to read that FIREICE, a game changer in energy is discovered and successfully extracted by CHINA! While it may take 20 years to extract  massive scale such due to technology upgrades that are required, I cant help wonder how energy finds keep changing as need /greed for it keeps increasing! I cant help look with helplessness, CHINA, KOREA much poorer than us 1980!! Leapfrogged!!! 

I completed the last of Colin Forbes Book, Thursday night!! Forbes died in 2006 a few weeks after completing" THE SAVAGE GORGE"
 “The Savage Gorge is, sadly, Colin Forbes' last novel. He delivered the completed manuscript to his publishers at the end of July and three weeks later, on 23rd August 2006, he died. Simon & Schuster are honoured to publish The Savage Gorge in memory of Colin and his long, distinguished career as the author of 33 internationally bestselling thrillers.”

Excerpt From: Colin Forbes. “The Savage Gorge.epub.” iBooks. 

Forbes unique style is to mix, intelligence, brutal attack without remorse! Tweed, Paula, Marlar, Paul Newman, Harry Butler would always be etched with you all your life time like Perry Mason, Holmes, Mallory, Miller, Andrea!!! Forbe's ultimate best was "STONE LEOPARD" which I must have re read good 20 times in 35 years!!! (Now costs Rs.6000 here hahha) What I like very much about Forbes is like Alistair Maclean, Desmond Bagley Forbes never mixed SEX at working relationship!! I don't ever recollect reading an explict content in his 33 novels....... 
Raymond Harold Sawkins aka Colin Forbes!! I have read 700 Books, Ask me to pick one, only one!! His' "Stone Leopard" perhaps!!!

CLIMAX From "STONE LEOPARD" etched even after 35 years like DAY OF THE JACKAL!!!! 
Take care stay safe, god bless
20/5/17 1025am.... 

Friday, May 19, 2017

TN Castes system! JFK, Macron 50-50!!

Lalitha attended a marriage yesterday of an apartment neighbour! As usual, I skipped as I am not wired to attend such social events besides business travels always takes me away many many times ( I recollect missing my sister Veni's marriage 1998) !!! I guess in the last 35 years or so where the choice to attend such events arises, I must have been present only in 10 or so making it one every 2-3 years!! (Last one attended was 2015, I guess, Next door neighbour's family event)  I recollect even my marriage,1991, some of my relatives were on knife edge as to whether I would sit out the protocols of entire event ( I had threatened and won to cut quite a few,then) or would say to Lalitha,let's move, enough is enough !! hahahahh!!! Picture taken yesterday!!
Dad had his 6 monthly consultation yesterday with his urologist! Scans are due today along with other tests! Dad is a classic example of how one needs very high mental energy to keep going in the sun set stages of life. He is plagued by fear of failure, which prevents him from even doing the basics of life to sustain things like walking 100 ft a day! Far different from a man, who can walk 10 KM and be active 15 hrs a day and got his Ph.D at 53, few weeks before my marriage! So Watch out life can spring surprises !! 

Interesting TAMIL post I came across yesterday,(below) the post is 1 year old in Facebook! While 35 years (since I moved out of TN for good, is not a long time for things to change or shift radically, what has surprised me is the deep rooted hate among castes that plunged even deeper!! I recollect my Engg college hostel Murder in 1981 when two SC students hacked by Nadar/Thevar group at 1am when poor folks were returning from watching a movie !!..... Reason? Some flimsy disagreement?? Life so cheap??

All said and done, in my opinion having lived travelled across India, South India is much better (Best of worst sadly) in terms of caste discrimination, treating people of other caste with contempt! While I can qoute instances I have seen first hand on such distasteful situations in my north Indian visits, I would let it pass! #9 was interesting!!! Am I interested in Dalit issues? I guess not! I am not in favour of any caste system! I cant recollect ever here in my 22 years at #BANGALORE, in my interactions with 100s of folks, the thought of some caste crept up in my mind or it came up to judge issues ??

சமீபத்தில் நான் குறைந்தது, நாற்பது ஐம்பது தமிழ் பேசும் மக்களுடன் பேசியிருப்பேன். சென்னை, திருச்சி, திருநெல்வேலி போன்ற நகரங்களில், மதுரைக்கு வரும் வழியில் ஓர் உணவுச் சாலையில்.
நான் பேசியவர்களில் ஒரு சிலரைத் தவிர மற்ற அனைவரும் தலித் அல்லாதவர்கள். பெரும்பாலும் தினமும் உழைத்து வருமானம் ஈட்டுபவர்கள்.
1. இவர்களில் ஒருவர் கூட தலித்துகளை ஆதரித்துப் பேசவில்லை.
2. திருமாவளவன் என்றால் கட்டைப் பஞ்சாயத்து என்கிறார்கள்.
3. எங்களை விட அவர்கள் நன்றாகத்தான் இருக்கிறார்கள் என்கிறார்கள்.
4. ஆணவக்கொலைகள் நடக்கக் கூடாதவை, ஆனால் நடந்தவையைப் பெரிது படுத்தக் கூடாது என்கிறார்கள்.
5. இவர்கள் அனைவரும் திமுக, அதிமுக, வைகோ அல்லது விஜயகாந்த் அனுதாபிகள். கம்யூனிஸ்டு, காங்கிரஸ் காணாமல் போன கட்சிகள் என்கிறார்கள். பாஜக என்றால் வாயைப் பொத்திக் கொண்டு சிரிக்கிறார்கள். நாம் தமிழர் கட்சியின் மீது ஈர்ப்பு இருக்கிறது. ஆனால் நாடார் கட்சி, புலிகள் பணத்தில் இயங்கும் கட்சி என்ற எண்ணம் சிலருக்கு இருக்கிறது.
6. நாடார்கள், தேவர்கள் மீது வன்னியர்களுக்கு வெறுப்பு இருக்கிறது. தேவர்களுக்கு நாடார்கள் மீது வெறுப்பு இருக்கிறது. ஆனால் நீக்கமற நிறைந்திருப்பது தலித் வெறுப்புதான்.
 7. தலித்துகள் அதிகம் பேச விரும்பவில்லை.
8. பிராமண காரோட்டி ஒருவரிடம் பேசினேன். நாற்பது வயதிற்கு மேல் ஆகியும் திருமணம் ஆகாதவர். 'எந்தப் பெண் என்னை மணந்து கொள்வாள்?' என்கிறார். அவருக்கு உலகத்தின் மீதே வெறுப்பு.
9. படித்த பிராமணர்களிடையும் தலித்துகளின் பிரச்சினைகளை அறிந்து கொள்ளும் ஆர்வம் இல்லை. அவர்களில் தமிழ் இந்து படிப்பவர்கள் கூட திருமாவின் நேர்காணலைப் படிக்கவில்லை.

May 29th, marks 100th Birth Anniversary of John F Kennedy. I plan to update my FB post every day for the next 10 days, on Life of JFK, his key speeches, his family, his team etc. 

Trump has worked a fabulous team, the best I see since JFK's which I feel may see him rescue from all the trouble he is heaping up on himself to see out his term! Goes to show a team can make a mediocre leader look better! I am glad Emmanuel Macron has gone one step further to put in the government which has 50% Women in cabinet with a female defence minister! I am sure with so many women around, things will get done! I personally feel women are better wired, capable in putting in to use their soft skills to get things done. I see better days for France and it would do everything to overcome this situation. His choice of PM is also a person with a known reality to ground! Good Luck France!! (This is where MODI missed the trick despite grand mandate and mess he is in!) 

19/5/17 0910 Hrs. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OBOR, RIP Swiss Machine, Never listen to your wife!!!

I pinched myself in disbelief as I saw  vehicles parked with way being given for oncoming traffic 7am! It is such a mess/chaos outside my apartment when the railway crossing gate is closed.Something weird and not appear to be right, I felt so I clicked a shot (I was back from Morning walk) hahahahah! 

OBOR-One Belt One Road of China is a huge step forward to connect China trade route matching the ancient silk route. With 4 Trillion $ investment planned, Xi JinPing is taking China economy to the next level. What this also does is to work PLAN B for every possible crisis around its geography which Korea, Japan, India can bring about! China moving leaps and bounds, of course this kind of investment is needed to keep growth happening and people quiet. Would we ever learn, that economic development through Infrastructure, Modern laws, Electricity and Clean water and Air are way to govern and bring change besides decent Labor laws!! Not Cow, Hindu, Yoga etc!! hmmm! Experts compare this to Marshall Plan to rejuvenate Europe/Japan post II WW! While I doubt the comparison is valid! (Marshall plan more a give away to boost world mess then) 

I was to post last week on death of Ueli Steck, the Swiss machine, who climbed peaks with every risk and absolutely no back up! This happened in Himalayas, Nepal! Some people live very different! I recollect 120,000 feet fall break sound barrier and another guy from 30,000 feet fall no parachute. I am also firm believer that it was George Mallory who first climbed Mt. Everest than Hillary! 
Ueli Steck climbed with an ice ax in each hand, crampons on each foot, and a helmet. No partner. No rope. Nothing that kept him tethered to the mountain.
101 year old WW II veteran, Verdum Hayes, jumped this week from sky to become the oldest parachute jumper! He repeated the act did 73 years ago on Normandy Landing!! This time he decided not to listen to his wife after listening to her for 10 years and did so after she departed(No one to pester I guess) !! hahah!!!! Want success,never listen to your wife,once in a while! 

Take care,stay safe! God Bless
16/5/17. 0905 am.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tamil,Somebody watching me??(Indian), கேடி மோடி வெளு , Sheraton 6 yrs!


1)I am amazed in a sense to see my Blogpost on Dad @80,has reached highest # for any of my posts views/clicked over last 12 years of Blogging with close to 1500 in FB+Blog+ Linkedin combined!! Particularly intrigued and mystifying with close to 1000 hits on LINKEDIN,a business platform,for which it was commenced in 2005 or so and now a glorified Face book with Coat, Suit, Business Skirt!!!  

2) I have grown up with lot of Railway environment and trains are emotional connect to our generation. So I clicked the picture yesterday when Rajdhani Express passing during my morning walk. I have never travelled by this train, I wonder with all the time constraint, I would take up a journey on the train?? May be in my 70s?????

I was amazed to receive above video from my schoolmate on 10 of world's oldest languages. Tamil#1 was a big surprise for me! I was aware it would be in Top 3 or so! I still feel TAMIL may not be the oldest language as below video shows! But the discussions shall never end!!
I recollect the 1980 song, Somebody watching me Colin Rockwell?? IRS???? Now 37 years later this video has its Indian version!! hahahh! With Bastard Jetlee, bugger!! No surprise!!!

I have posted before; some of Belligerent meme that Tamils pose on MODI!! I think of all Indian community who have their grouse against, Tamils are the only one who go hammer and Tongs against for his inept handling of Governance!! Here are few that I came across!! I keep saying MODI & His Government is a Cancer, what can't be cured has to be endured until it decimates!!! 

லலித் மோ(ச)டி , நரேந்திர மோ(ச)டி நடுவில் சுஷ்மா ahhahahah!!!

கேடி பில்லா கில்லாடி ரங்கானா அது நீங்கதான் மோடி அண்ணே !

Of all the Sheraton Hotels I visit, the Brigade one near my home, one of the best! They complete 6 years. Good luck! The food and ambiance is awesome! Full value for money you pay as well as occasions worth remembering!!

Shravan Karthik 1st Pay Cheque Treat Aug 2016!!! Awesome feel, Sheraton added splendour to occasion! No wonder!!
OK Until next week, take it easy, take care, God Bless
Mother's Day 2017. 0930 Hrs.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Macron & Mugabe! Karnan, Comey, Tony Cozier!!!

1) Delighted to inform the world, seeing my struggle with my ஓட்டலாக்க phone and my stubborn resistance not to replace, Kids(??) decided to gift me a new cellphone Friday. The MotoG5 plus is just awesome. I can feel "How nice it is to receive a gift" 
Children ensured that I get the  Screen gaurd and case Friday itself so the new phone may not damaged against my Monkey tricks! hahahahhah!!!
2) Meet the new combination that rivals அம்மா -சின்னம்மா, Lalitha and Pajaka.(the new Pajaka Milk and products) hahhahahahhahh! Radhu and Shravan mock her for her obsession to this milk and curd as well as fresh food supply. It must be said, over last two months, the quality of cow's milk and curd we enjoy is something outstanding and reminds the milk and yogurt I used to enjoy during my Ireland and Swiss visits on business travel. The owner of Pajaka (An Indian back from Qatar) lives a floor below in our apt so a special connection.

 3) Yesterday when I was travelling by Auto Rixa (to go fix screen guard) (Tuk Tuk as westerners call it) I was amazed to find the fare meter missing! When I asked the driver who is a Tamil, He coolly replied, சம்மர் வகேஷனுக்கு மாமியார் வீடு போயிருக்கு (Gone away on vacation to in law's place) Really enjoyed that answer I tell you! I tipped him 20% extra for that answer also audacity to break rules! (I love such people, for me defying anything the stupid Govt dictates is to be rewarded, also see his dress (no Uniform)!! love it ஹஹஹஹ சித்தராமையா தேசம் வாழ்க) 


I am not sure the French listened to John Oliver plea in impeccable French, for rejecting Asshole Marine Lepen and voted overwhelmingly for Emmanuel Macron! 

hahahah!!!! I wish Macron the very best, the challenges ahead of him are humongous. But with a teacher wife (who taught him and 24 years his elder, she would do a good job to squeeze his testicles should he diverge from agenda (Which Modi bugger lacks)!!! hahahahhha)! I am delighted to hear that for the upcoming French Parliament elections, Macron has set aside, 50% of 577 seats  to "WOMEN" awesome decision. May be France would lead the "MARCH"!!! It is interesting to compare the Idiot Dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert F*** Mugabe is raping the country since Macron was 1 year old kid! What a tragedy!!  

I am watching with astonishment as well as glee the drama that is unfolding between Justice Karnan and Supreme Court of India. What a tragedy and mockery of Indian judicial system. I am 100% on Justice Karnan Side. (I oppose anything that மோ(ச)டி மொள்ளமாரி, கேப்மாரி, ஹிந்தி வெறியன் government does) I am glad கர்ணன்  is taking the most corrupt Judicial system, a run for the money! (I know he may not be  himself a clean judge and could be a ADMK stooge) I agree SC is screwing MODI government royally but the judicial system needs Drain the swamp like hell! (We may never get again a Justice Krishna Iyer or Venkatachalliah) and current judges and systems wont do!

Drain the swamp leads to Trump! What a mess he is getting in to! I wonder he is doing any coordination between his left and right hand! I seriously hope he doesn't end the JFK or Nixon way!! While I agree Comey was kind of Dammed if he does, Doomed if he doesn't,
it  looks repeat of Satuday Massacre of Oct 20, 1973 which shook world when I was 10 yr old kid!) Trump may have a lot to answer and his team has no clue what is coming at them?????

May 11th was First Death Anniversary of my favourite Cricket Commentator Tony Cozier.

A man who brought cricket in front of your eyes when you listen to him. I was lucky to begin listening to him when he visited India 1974 series lead by Clive Lloyd! He was also Dad's favourite commentator too!! While checked for Info, I was amazed to see in 1950 Lords test, WI and ENG bowled 610 overs in 5 days, where as it is not even 450 now! So much Cricket has degraded, I wonder is it due to BCCI (Bastards Crooks Club of Idiots)Buggers calling shots since 1983 fluke win and then beginning to rape the International cricket.

Happy Mother's day tomorrow as well as Chelsea won! (So a dinner awaits from Son, A die hard Chelsea fan, this one written 2005 I think?? ) 

Take care Have a great weekend
13/5/17 0905am.

RIP Sir Ffolkes!!!!

#264 What a day it has been Double Tragedy! The day began worse with the Manchester bombing got much worse with the death of Sir Roger M...